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African Street Craft began as an idea in early 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Growing up in Joburg, we [the founders of ASC] were often blown away by the diversity of art sold on street corners. African Street Craft was started to increase exposure for informal street artists beyond selling one or two pieces a week to cars driving past. After speaking with many of the artists and hearing their stories, we knew that the world needed to meet them and have the opportunity to purchase their unique work.

African Street Craft provides an online platform for street artists, giving them an opportunity to expand their customer base and sales. Most of our artists come from underprivileged backgrounds and do not have the necessary resources to market themselves as artists to the global community. ASC is another means for informal African street artists to display their work and have the opportunity to reach out to customers around the world.

Why We Do What We Do

Through our initiative, African Street Craft aims to provide these talented and under resourced artists with the opportunity to showcase their artistic potential. We want to increase our artist sales through our online platform with the eventual goal of getting them off the street and into studios and displaying their unique African artwork in galleries and homes around the world.

African Street Craft hopes that our artists can pursue their dreams and focus solely on their artwork and not be forced to just work “any job” to survive and support their families. We want the success of our artists to inspire other artists from various backgrounds throughout Africa.

We aim to become one of the biggest online art platforms to come out of Africa. We do not want to limit ourselves to street artists only but also act as a platform for up and coming African artists who wish to establish themselves further.

Another goal of ours is to connect the world to African culture by means of an online art gallery which showcases the artistic talent that Africa has to offer. We want art admirers from outside and even inside of Africa to be able to purchase unique African style art online and receive helpful and ethical service from our team.

African Street Craft wants to create a personal connection between our artists and potential customers around the world through their inspirational stories and beautiful work.