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Cameron Rowe

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Cameron Rowe is a young artist from Johannesburg, Gauteng. He was born on the 5 th of June 2001.

Since a young age, Cameron would relish any opportunity to visit art galleries and markets on weekends.

Cameron’s love and passion for wildlife is the driving force and inspiration behind almost all of his artworks.

He has explored a variety of mediums from a very early age and has found scratchboard to be his favourite medium thus far.

He hopes to one day establish his own wildlife conservation foundation, so that he can help build, protect and sustain the beautiful animals that roam this earth, and educate the communities surrounding them.

Cameron has a keen interest in digital photography as an extension to his love for wildlife and art.

Cameron aspires to exhibit internationally, whilst bringing awareness to wildlife conservation. He is a firm believer in paying it forward when in a position to do so. He hopes to inspire other young artists to believe in their artistic talents and skills to build a creative career.