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With the recent Coronavirus outbreak that has spread across the globe we have seen people come together in the most amazing ways to support those less fortunate during these challenging times.

Our artists who usually display their works on the streets throughout Africa are now in a difficult position. They are unable to showcase and sell their pieces to people passing by as they are confined to their homes like you and I.

The majority of our artists live hand to mouth so these times are especially tough. We decided to create this donations page to help support our artists who are unable to go out and make sales during these difficult times.

All donations will be split evenly amongst our artists to help them afford food and other basic necessities for them and their loved ones.

Any size donation will be greatly appreciated and help make a difference in these artists lives. Click the yellow ‘Donate’ button below (in the footer) to make a donation using your credit card. If you are a South African Resident and would prefer to make an EFT, please click here.