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1.Question: How do I buy something from your site?



  • Add the item you would like to purchase to your cart. This can be done by hovering over or clicking on an item displayed either in the shop or in an individual artists page.
  • Once the item is added to your cart, you will be able to click on a “view cart” button straight after it has been added. If you would like to make the purchase at a later stage, click the cart icon in the top right corner of the page.
  • Review the items in your cart and click “proceed to checkout” when you are ready to pay.
  • Enter your details, read and agree to the terms and conditions then click proceed and pay either by Paypal or credit/cheque card.


2. Q: How much will the artist get from the sale of a piece of art? 


A: We are completely flexible with how we work with artists as we keep their needs in mind during our negotiations:


Our ideal business model is to create a strong relationship between us and the African artist community and to put as much money as possible back into the community with:

  • 50% of the sale price going directly into the pockets of the artists
  • 20% of the sale price will be used to invest in the African artist community
  • 30% of the sale price will be used for administration, salaries and operations

With this model 70% of the funds are going directly into the community with 30% being used for operational costs.


However this model does not work for every artist because:


Some artists don’t have money for art supplies and materials. In this case we purchase supplies for the artist and in return they use about 35% of the supplies to provide us with artwork. The balance, 65% of supplies, is gifted by us to the artist which enables them to produce and sell their own work.  


Some artists need instant cash to meet a specific need like food for the family or a new school uniform for one of their children. In this case they prefer us to purchase the artwork outright at a fair price. This allows us to resell the art at a later date.


For artists that we have an ongoing relationship but whom also need cash up front, we usually pay half of their portion upfront and then the other half once the item is sold. The benefit to the artist is that if we sell the artwork for more than the agreed price, they receive 50% of the total sale price.


3.Q: How are paintings delivered to me after I confirm my purchase?


A: Your painting(s) will be delivered by courier. In terms of packaging, it depends on whether the painting is framed or not. If there is no frame, the canvas will be rolled up and sent in a mailing tube. If there is a frame, your artwork will be bubble-wrapped and stored in a box to protect the piece in the best possible way.